Tackle burnouts
  Reduce stress
  Improve resilience
  Harmonise teamwork

It is a sign of the times. Everything has to go faster, be better and be done more extensively. In the meantime stress is peaking, employees are out suffering from burnout, deadlines are missed and frustrations are rising. We provide the tools and skills needed to handle difficult situations. Your company experiences less stress and will see an improved resilience. Communication is smoother and cooperation flourishes.



Deadlines, cooperation, communication; jobs are full of potential problems. Not being able to see the solutions to these problems can lead to stress and apathy. This feeling of being powerless, not having control over your life, is called External Locus of Control (ELC). It is this feeling that leads to job-hopping and work related leave.



Internal Locus of Control (ILC)  is the feeling of having everything under control. Knowing how to handle day-to-day frustrations will provide peace of mind. This will improve resilience and lower stress levels, which will have have a beneficial effect on both productivity and job satisfaction.