Conflict and mediation

A sales company has two managers. Chris is structured and organized, David is very sociable. Together they should make up an ideal team, but they don’t back each other up.

Chris feels like he is getting more and more isolated from the team. At the same time the employees are walking all over David. Chris has lost faith in the company and wants to be bought out. He feels David is running the company into the ground.

Seeing as Chris and David were friends, emotions run high. Pegasus is hired to calm the situation down and to find out if there is a way for the company to continue, or if not, to help negotiate the separation.

We make a thorough analysis to assess the situation in the company. Private conversations are held with everyone, including the employees. From these conversations it appears that Chris is actually valued and respected for his hard work. All especially appreciate that he always stands by his employees. Chris never felt this appreciation because communication isn’t his strong suit. Even though David is popular, the employees do not respect him. He avoids conflicts which leads to unclear goals and demotivation. Every project changes focus regularly because David avoids making decisions.

During a private session with Chris and David we lay out their strengths and most importantly, their weaknesses. They agree to give the cooperation one last chance for the next three months, before looking into a separation.

Important topics that arose from these sessions were communication and the need to back each other up. A clear line is drawn regarding the employees. David takes some of the main trouble makers aside and tells them he will no longer tolerate grumbling about Chris. Chris talks to a couple of employees to apologize for some of his direct statements. This causes a very emotional reaction from one of them. Chris is shocked, he never realized his remarks had such an impact on people.

During a brainstorm session a clear course is set for the immediate future of the company. All projects are examined, priorities are set and a clear plan is made. This plan is then communicated to the employees by Chris and David together. This leads to a hilarious conversation in which David takes full responsibility of the recent turmoil in the company. A lot of anecdotes are shared. The afternoon turns out to be the start of a cultural turnaround in the company. There is room for laughter again.

In the following months Chris and David take a complete leadership-course at Pegasus. They learn how to effectively communicate and a code of conduct is established. One employee suffering from stress receives counselling in private sessions. Afterall, rule number one of leadership is that you help the whole person, not just the part that is at work.

As Chris and David cooperate more, leadership and communication in the whole company improves.

At the end of the three month period, Chris and David decide to continue working together. For Pegasus this means the company has reached the follow-up phase. The frequency and duration of the sessions are reduced. Some last adjustments are made when needed. Chris and David feel confident enough to take the wheel and continue on the set course.

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