ILC training

ILC training, short for Internal Locus of Control training, teaches a formal way of tackling and solving problems.

The intuitive way

All day long our brain subconsciously checks the environment for potential problems. Every one automatically gets categorised into ‘solvable’ or ‘unsolvable’.


Unsolvable problems will result in stress or apathy. Stress induces our body to redirect energy from crucial systems such as the immune and digestive system, to try and fix the problem anyway. Apathy on the other hand, will tell us to ignore and avoid the situation altogether.

False problems


Too often, our brain will spot and react to problems that in the current age are no longer relevant. It will tell us to preserve energy instead of hitting the gym, to avoid conflict where a confrontation might give better results, and not to bother trying something new.


These are false problems that we need to train ourselves to ignore.

Real problems

Of course, there are still a lot of problems that do need a solution. Our intuitive thinking however, is made for simple problems, and only one at the time. Without an overview and a clear step-by-step plan, it will tell us the problems are unsolvable. 

For these we will need techniques to keep track and overview, and to analyse and plan.

The ILC way

ILC training provides the theory and skills needed to analyse problems in a formal way. You will learn how to separate false from real problems, to train yourself to overcome false problems, and to turn real problems into step-by-step action plans. Once a problem is categorized ‘solvable’, your brain and body restarts to function optimally and you will have the option to accept or change anything that appears on your path.

If you are curious to find out more about ILC, or how we can help you implement this in your company, we would like to refer you to the following pages.