Executive coaching

Business Meeting

Sometimes problems arise that demand a prompt solution. With an important deadline coming up or a rapidly escalating conflict, a swift intervention can be necessary. When time is of the essence, executive coaching can provide a big advantage. 

Problem analysis

1 - 3 day(s)

A specific problem requires a customised solution. In the analysis phase our ILC coach visits your company to interact with all parties involved. We help you untangle the problem and get the situation back on track. Together we work towards a solution.

At the end of this phase a plan of attack gets drafted. This way your company regains its control and mental tranquility.

Company coaching

In consultation

Sometimes a situation require more than a plan of attack.

Learning the necessary skills to bring the solution to life can also be done in customised training.


In coaching sessions with the parties involved we offer a fast track approach to getting back control. The number and intensity of the coaching will be determined based on the needs of your specific situation. 

Life executive coaching

In consultation 


In a world where work and private life are more intertwined than ever, we are aware that some subjects are better discussed in private.


Our life executive coaching is there for those who wish to discuss the challenges they are facing is a calm and private setting. This conversations take place via Skype so as to combine minimal time investment with maximum results.