Company training

Giving a Presentation

In a company, good collaboration and happy employees are essential. So are good business results and deadlines! Strong resilient people, capable of good planning, problem solving and communication are every company's dream. Our in-company training is the way to reach this.


1 half day (4 hours)
Group size in consultation

Our kick-off workshop is a fun dive into ILC. Over one afternoon we teach the participants the basics of ILC. With a bit of theory, lots of examples and most of all using as actual frustrations encountered at work, we create a clear roadmap on how to regain control.


Comfortable clothing is a must, since we will be doing some physical workshops as well. This way we will not only tackle stress, we also improve resilience and team spirit.


3 sets of 3 half days 
Group size in consultation

During our highway, we continue on the roadmap from the kick-off. This way we will regain control even faster and better.


These sessions are made up of ILC's three pillars; tackling physical, social and mental stress. Here we will also alternate between brief sections of theory and practice and physical exercises.  You can either select one of the pillars, or order the complete nine sessions at a discounted rate.


+2 hours
Group size in consultation (max. 10)

For managers we offer an extra 2-hour module. After all, making a company or department run smoothly requires strong leadership skills. While leading by example is the most important part, creating ILC in your team will require something extra.


After every workshop we will take a short dinner break and submerge ourselves into how to create a productive, happy and smooth running team.